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Jambo Freight LTD is a Tanzanian registered limited company established in 1986 and is one of the leading and highly reputed company in the freight industry.

At the heart of Jambo Freight LTD is a team of well trained and long experienced individuals equally committed and dedicated to rendering efficient and professional service to the entire satisfaction of our principals. Our close follow up and co-ordinate services together with regular reporting on status of cargo movement has helped take away the tress out of our principals especially when speed and deadline deliveries are involved.

Jambo Freight LTD is a registered and licensed customs and freight forwarding agent handling both imports and exports to and from Tanzania and transit cargo to and from neighboring countries like Malawi , Zambia , DRC Congo , Rwanda , Burundi and Uganda .

Although this company is reputed for efficient handling of bulk shipments and project cargo, we also handle all types of traffic from parcels, break bulk, containers and any abnormal cargo brought in or out by sea, road or by air.

Our reputations dates back to 1987 when we started handling efficiently and at affordable cost, various bulk shipments of fertilizer, cereals, sugar etc for various world aid organizations, NGO's and other international commercial organizations. A number of large and small scale project cargo shipments have been handled by this company, some contracts lasting up to 5 years. Our efficiency and reliability has been enhanced by our excellent relationship with the port authorities, railways, shipping lines and reliable road transporters.

This company has branch offices along most Tanzania border post to facilitate easy and speedy border clearance.

We look forward to serve you with our customized services. Please do call us at our office for your requirements. We assure you of our prompt services!

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