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Jambo Freight offers a wide range of services in international logistics and transport. We operate with the sole motto to provide our clients with outstanding services. We offer customized Shipping, Warehousing and Distribution Solutions. Personalized Customer Service is our priority and complimentary in our package.

  • Ocean freight

  • Air freight

  • Warehousing and Distribution

  • Door - to - Door services

  • Project cargo handling

  • Import and export services

  • Bulk Shipment

Up to date shipping information :
We are very particular about the shipping information, before and after delivery of the cargo. We also takes perfect care of consignments on its way to destination.

Pre to post shipment documentation :
We are very finical about the pre and post shipping documentation of incoming and out going traffic. We cover all details very minutely to do our shipments well in time and also to improve in our future shipments


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